Record Players: Is It Purely A Nostalgic Item?

wooden turntableDespite the convenience of digital music today, many audio enthusiasts are still falling back onto the age old record players for listening to music. Why is that so? It could the ritualistic act of carefully sliding a vinyl record out of clean plastic sheet, and subsequently laying it down slowly on the turntable platter. If you have a manually operated turntable, you would even have to pull the tonearm over the platter and push the stylus needle down onto the spinning record.

Of course, some people are also using record players purely for nostalgic purposes. Finding really old and vintage record players or the albums themselves is also a joy for some. Not to mention, old records that are no longer available on the market or that are no longer in production are worth a lot more. Whichever it is, turntables can be pretty simple to set up, but if you wish to meddle with it, you could also dive into the many complexities that come with them.

The most basic of turntables, for example, allows you to play audio files in these vinyl records. More complex options include tuning the speed of the spinning records, the density and stability of the cartridge or stylus, and the accuracy of the tonearm. The quality of music varies rather significantly depending on the type of parts you choose to use, much like any customizable audio devices we have today. Speakers, stereos and whatnot can be customized to a certain degree. These are somewhat similar to record players or the more modern turntables we see today.